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Frequently Asked Questions


The facility rental is for a five-hour period, typically 5 pm to 10 pm or 6 pm to 11 pm. The facility rental time is completely dedicated to your event, with set-up and breakdown handled outside of the event window. Daytime slots are available, with the exception of Sunday events. An additional hour may be purchased at a pro-rated rate from the facility rental fee, subject to availability.

Our facilities will be available for set-up and decorations two (2) hours prior to your event start time. Additional event or set up hours will be charged at a pro-rated hourly rate. Decorations and supplies provided by you or any outside vendors must be arranged for pick up within 48 hours after your event.

All Alta Lodge and outside vendor (i.e., musicians, DJs, etc.) services must end at the pre-determined hour of your event. For after-event socializing, we offer the use of the Sitzmark room for overnight Lodge guests. Alta Town ordinance requires that all music and loud noise end at 11 pm.

Wedding facility rental fees are based on the day of the event.

Alta Lodge can be booked for exclusive use. Please inquire.

A deposit in the amount of the facility rental fee and a signed contract are required to book an event.

In the event that you cancel your booking, the deposit is non-refundable and will be forfeited.

Two weeks prior to your event, we will provide an estimate based on the details of your event and the final count. Full payment of the estimate is due one week prior to the event. If alcohol is served, the final settlement is done the day after the event.

Our maximum event capacity is 130 guests.

Everything needed for your dining and beverage service is included with the facility rental fee. We offer white-on-white tablecloths and napkins. Set up and break down of standard ceremony and reception services are included in the facility rental fee.

Alta Lodge outdoor chairs (currently green, bistro-style, resin chairs) are included with the facility rental. If you prefer a different chair style for your ceremony and outdoor reception, please let your event coordinator know. We will arrange alternative chair rentals on your behalf. Specialty chair rentals are arranged only through Alta Lodge and our preferred vendor and are charged to your master bill. Pricing includes the base per-chair rental, plus $0.50/chair handling fee, $100 delivery fee, plus tax and service on those amounts.

The facility rental includes Lodge fresh flowers: (2) arrangements at the roadside entry, (1) arrangement on a guest sign-in table, (2) large arrangements in the lobby (these will also be used on the dinner buffet, if applicable), small arrangements on all the dining tables, (1) arrangement in the ladies’ room. We do not guarantee specific colors or flowers in the florals we provide, but we tend to keep neutral whites and greens all summer long. You are not permitted to alter the arrangements we provide in any way but are more than welcome to work with a florist or bring in your own florals to use in place of, or in addition to, what we provide. We have an assortment of off-white ceramic bud vases for the table arrangements.

Yes, Alta Lodge has a sound system! Our portable speaker system is available to rent for $200 + tax & service per event. This system includes two large speakers, a wireless microphone, and a mic stand.

In addition, we have a house sound system with speakers located throughout our indoor and outdoor public spaces (Lobby, Deck Room, Dining Room, Outdoor Deck, and Patio). We can play background music, or your device with a pre-set playlist can be plugged into our house system. This is a great option for cocktail hour, dinner, and toasts (but not for the ceremony or dance party). We can also plug a microphone into our house sound system if you want to use it for toasts from either the Deck or Dining Room.

Both our house sound and microphone systems use a standard 3.5mm audio/headphone jack, so please provide an adapter for your device (if needed). For making your own playlists, we ask that you download the music directly to your device, ensure the device is fully charged, in airplane mode, and unlocked (temporarily remove any password protections). It also helps if you make separate playlists for each portion of the event (ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, dancing). Wedding coordinators/Alta Lodge staff are not DJs and ask that the couple provide someone (friend, bridesmaid etc.) to fulfill this role.

The Lodge is a historic building and is accessed by 59 stairs from the roadside to the lobby entrance. For guests who are unable to negotiate the stairs, a call can be placed from the courtesy phone at street level. Guests are transported via four-wheel-drive vehicle to the lobby and patio levels. There is one wheelchair-accessible lodging room on the main level. Some areas of the Lodge are not accessible by wheelchair from the lobby, and we do not have an escalator or elevator.

We make every effort to provide assistance to people of all abilities to access and use the Lodge facilities, and we welcome your inquiries about accessibility. More information on accessibility can be found on our Accessibility page.

Lodging Rooms

During the summer months, Alta Lodge features 44 guest rooms with mountain views. In keeping with the tradition of a mountain inn, there are no televisions in our lodging rooms. Sunday through Friday night lodging rates include breakfast. Saturday night rates include Sunday brunch.

A block of up to 20 lodging rooms can be held as a courtesy for your guests the night of your event. All lodging rooms are blocked with an exclusive booking.

A deposit in the amount of a one-night stay with tax is required at the time of booking. Please have your guests refer to your event name when booking lodging. Summer lodging reservations can be made by calling the lodge at 801-742-3500 or 800-707-2582 or with your unique group booking code online.

Compliments of Alta Lodge, a corner room with king bed, private balcony, and fireplace is provided for the wedding couple the night of the event.

Two complimentary changing rooms to use on the day of your event are included with your event rental. These rooms are not intended for overnight lodging, rather dedicated dressing rooms for the wedding couple and their wedding parties. Lodging rates apply if changing rooms are used for overnight lodging. Changing rooms are available starting at 10 am the day of your event and must be vacated and emptied of any personal belongings by 11 pm.

Food/Dining Service

With the exception of wedding cakes, we do not allow meals or food to be catered by an outside supplier. If you are interested in something we do not offer, please inquire.

We are unable to provide formal menu ‘tastings.’ However, during the winter months, we serve dinner nightly and welcome you to be our guests. In the summer, we invite you to join us for Sunday brunch. Our Sunday brunch buffet offers a wide variety of food to enjoy, from appetizers and salads to desserts. In an effort to provide you with a feel for Alta Lodge dining, arrangements for dinner or brunch can be made with our compliments.

At no extra charge and with advance notice (2 weeks prior), we can provide up to five chefs-choice special dietary meals for guests with dietary restrictions such as vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free diets. These special meals will be charged at the rate of the lowest price entrée of your selections or the price of the buffet.

If you think more than 5 of your guests would choose a vegetarian/vegan option, we ask that you either add a third entrée choice or include a vegetarian/vegan option as one of your two entrée choices. A third entrée may be added for a 30% surcharge per person, based on the highest-priced entrée and entire group count.

We ask that you include all children in your final guest count. The entrée/buffet charge is half price for children ages 12 and under. We can also offer a pre-arranged ‘child-friendly’ option. Children ages 3 and under are free with the understanding that they will not be ordering a meal from our kitchen – if a meal is ordered it will be priced as below.

Child Meal Option 1 – half-sized plated entrée or eating off of the buffet (half-price the adult meal)
Child Meal Option 2 – Choose one child-specific entrée to offer your younger guest ($12)

We recommend that you provide a meal for your vendors (photographer, DJ, etc.) and request that you include them in your final meal count. We will set up a table (separate from your guests) for your vendors, allowing them to eat at a different pace so they can be ready for the next part of the event and also providing them a break. If you are having a plated dinner, please include these meals in your dinner count with entrée selections, so we know ahead of time what to prepare for them. If you opt for buffet service, we will coordinate a time for your vendors to go through the buffet line after your guests have been served. Our staff will make sure they are fed and taken care of!

We charge the $2.50/person fee for any desserts brought in from an outside vendor. Guests may help themselves to donuts, macaroons, etc.; Alta Lodge provides the services for your guests to enjoy them – plates, napkins, forks, all the set-up, and clean-up.

The final headcount for meals is due two weeks prior to the event. To accommodate any last-minute guests, we prepare enough food for five percent more than your final count. You are charged for the final count or the actual headcount on the day of the event, whichever is greatest.

Beverages/Alcohol Service

We are unable to accommodate an exact fixed bar budget. However, we can work within your budget and/or control alcohol consumption by customizing the timing and offerings of alcoholic beverage services during your event. All arrangements for bar/beverage service can be made with our Wedding Coordinator and set up prior to your event.

Additional Questions

We have a Kids’ Room with activities, games, and a television with a DVD player and Wii console that is available for use with a $200 facility rental fee, plus service. Adult supervision, provided by the guest, is required, and it is expected that any toys, art supplies, or other materials used will be put away.

Pets are not allowed at the Lodge. Dogs are not allowed in Alta or anywhere in Little Cottonwood Canyon because the area is a protected watershed. (There are a limited number of dogs licensed to residents under Town of Alta ordinance.) People bringing unlicensed animals into Alta are subject to citation and large fines, and the Alta Marshal enforces this strictly. Please visit the town’s website for more information.

If you want your beloved dog to be part of your wedding ceremony, it is possible with advance notice to obtain a temporary Town of Alta license. In this special situation, we can accommodate your dog, during the day (not overnight), on leash, and outside the Lodge buildings only. Please inquire.

Alta Lodge makes every reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities, and we do accommodate service dogs that guide or perform a task for a person with a disability. Please notify us in advance if you require a service or guide dog during your stay.

We discourage leaving the property during your Alta Lodge wedding. Summer traffic, crowds, and limited parking in Albion Basin make access and timing extremely unpredictable and inevitably lead to delays negatively impacting the flow of your special day.

If you plan to have wedding photos taken in Albion Basin, we recommend you make a separate appointment with your photographer outside the limited window of your Alta Lodge event.

Your photographer is responsible for obtaining a permit. Please refer to Photography and Permits on Alta’s website for more information.

No natural flame candles are allowed. Flameless candles only are allowed for both indoor and outside use (per event contracts). Sparklers are not allowed. Sparklers are classified in the same category as fireworks, and we are located in a fully restricted fireworks zone. As an alternative to sparklers, we recommend glowstick-type alternatives.

Our mountain weather can be unpredictable. Inclement weather is more likely in the spring and the fall. Summer thunderstorms are not frequent but can be very strong and preclude outdoor events. The date of your event may not be rescheduled due to the weather.

In the event of inclement weather, clear umbrellas will be offered courtesy of Alta Lodge, and our indoor Lobby will be available for the ceremony. We recommend booking the Our Lady of the Snows chapel (OLS), located across the road from the Lodge entry, as a backup indoor ceremony space for groups of 50 or more guests. Our outdoor space does not support outdoor party/event tent rentals.