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Accessibility and Accommodations

Alta Lodge is a historic building and has limited accessibility. The Lodge was built in 1940, with major additions through the 1970s, on a hillside sloping from the road down toward Alta Ski Area. There are no elevators, and some Lodge areas are not wheelchair-accessible. Main access to the Lodge is by three flights of stairs with 59 steps, from the road level to the Lobby. Winter access is also by skiing and a surface ski lift, and by over-snow vehicles to the Lobby level. In addition, summer access (after winter snow has melted) is available by four-wheel-drive road to the Lobby and patio levels; the Lodge provides van service with a wheelchair ramp. Guests can call for assistance by courtesy phone at the road level.


  • The Dining Room and Front Desk are on the Lobby level.
  • A guest room located on the Lobby level is the most accessible; most guest rooms in the Lodge are accessed by stairs with least 8 steps.
  • There is a public restroom on the Lobby level in summer months; in winter months, public restrooms are accessed by stairs with 16 steps.
  • Doors and hallways to access restrooms and guest rooms are limited to as little as 26 inches (66 cm) wide.
  • For guests who need a room that is fully accessible under current ADA standards, we recommend contacting Rustler Lodge (winter) or Snowpine Lodge (summer and winter).


Alta Lodge welcomes all guests and works actively to make reasonable accommodations for people of all abilities. We are committed to going above and beyond ADA and other requirements as they apply to our historic building. We work proactively and creatively to make access as convenient and comfortable as possible for our guests. We welcome and encourage advance inquiries about accessibility and accommodations, and we are happy to make individual arrangements.