Women’s Advanced / Expert Ski Camp – Skier Information Form

I am comfortable on groomed Black Diamond slopes. I have some experience in the off-trail environment‚ moguls‚ and ungroomed snow. I am ready for more challenges and varied terrain.

I am comfortable skiing a variety of snow conditions‚ moguls‚ deeper or loose snow on Black Diamond terrain. I can use tighter (short radius) turns on steeper slopes. I am looking to ski more dynamically and aggressively in the off-trail environment.

I am confident in all snow conditions: moguls‚ deep snow‚ loose snow and narrow steep terrain‚ using tighter (short radius) turns. I am looking for some coaching to reach my ultimate skiing potential.

Skiing top to bottom at a major resort is no problem.

An occasional stop on a run to rest my legs.

Only stop for lunch.

Lunch and an occasional short break.





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